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This is the most innovative technology  applied by EMP because it decreases the solar factor and at the same time maintaining a good light transmission if compared with a standard sheet.

Solar Control Products

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) offers a family of Solar Control materials that meets the requirements of many varied applications requiring a transparent or translucent glazing material that can reduce the heat to provide for a comfortable climate wherever our material is used.  The technology employs a number of specialty additive(s) applied to either the surface or into the mass of the material which reflects the heat out of the sheet into the atmosphere as shown in the diagram.

The product performance can be adjusted to meet the needs of the application by adding more or less of the heat reflective additive(s). Multiple grades are offered by Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) please contact us to request further information on these materials. Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) is the leader in innovation of specialty architectural applications with multi-wall polycarbonate sheet products, let us know of your requirement and we will find a material to fit your needs.

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) offers four main types of Solar Control multi-wall polycarbonate sheet materials, all of which have a special additive that provides for improved comfort when you are “under the sun”, the four product categories are SHOWN