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Multi-wall Sheet and Panel Products

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) offers a number of multi-wall sheet and panel systems specifically designed to meet the structural, technical and aesthetic needs of the building and construction industry. These products are typically used for applications as wide ranging as; skylights, roofing panels, barrel vaults, canopies, walkways, building facades, doors and door panels, windows, pool enclosures and any other building envelope application.  Each product is specifically designed to meet rigorous building performance criteria such as; load requirements, impact and breakage, and flammability codes of the industry. These products are developed to be easy to install.

With the costs of energy continuing to escalate these multi-wall products all have very high insulation values and superior impact strength (100 times that of glass and 30 times better than acrylic) with high light transmission.  They are also extremely light weight (typically 75% lower weight than glass on a square foot basis) yet durable with a 10 year limited warranty and superior impact properties versus glass.  Cost savings are a by-product of the weight reduction thus reducing the cost of the framing structure and the installation costs.

Products range from very simple twin wall structures that are 4 mm thick to very sophisticated 10 wall structures up to 60 mm thick.  Internal fluted chambers provide high insulation properties and depending on the configuration of these chambers (Normal wall, X wall, M wall) they can be designed to handle a significant load.

Other grades such as Athermic let the light in while reflecting out much of the heat.

Modulit 500 LP, BDL®, Grecatec, Ondalite, Vega and Polaris are panel systems that have a “designed in” easy to install feature.

The product offerings are:

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation)
BDL® Panel system is a modular panel used for vertical and sloped glazing, it is 16 mm thick.

Modulit 500 LP
is a modular panel with a “click” feature for ease of installation. Standard product is 40 mm thick.

is a family of products that are multi-wall panels that form into a Greca profile to fit many standard metal roof profiles. This product also has an additional flange to be easily installed. The product is available in 3 mm, 6 mm, 10, mm and 20 mm thicknesses.
ondulite pic

e is a 3mm or 6mm multi-wall sheet that has a wave pattern simulating many standard FRP roofing panel profiles. This product has great strength, high light transmission and good thermal insulation values.

polaris illustration

 is a multi-wall system product that can easily fit between to insulated roofing panels with its unique flange and provides natural lighting with good insulation values.

Polaris is a variation of the Vega with a shorter flange area to fit other standard roofing profiles

click16 pic

Click 16
is a small 16 mm panel (approximately 10 inches wide) that is very easy to install for backyard canopies, sheds, carports and other simple structures.