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Corrugated Products

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX) offers a wide variety of corrugated polycarbonate sheet options. Rooflite®, Rooflite® MB, Rooflite® HD and Mono-Clear HT are among product offerings.  All products have high light transmission, very good impact resistance against hail damage, high heat resistance and are available with our min-dew coating to protect against the formation of water droplets. All Rooflite® and Mono-Clear products have a 10 year warranty against yellowing and damage due to hail.

While we stock a number of standard corrugated profiles such as: Greca, Arc wave and Sine wave, we can match most standard metal roof profiles. So if you have a profile you want us to match please provide the information and we can provide a quote to you.

Rooflite® Corrugated is offered in a variety of colors in greca, arc wave and sine wave profiles. A number of standard profiles are offered but virtually any profile can be matched if you are able to meet volume minimums. Rooflite® MB is an extruded solid polycarbonate sheet with designs that match metal building profiles. These products are designed to let in the light, have high impact resistance and high temperature resistance to work in direct sunlight with loss of physical or mechanical properties.
Rooflite® HD corrugated product line is ideal for installations requiring a gently diffused lighting product with high light transmission Monoclear Mono-Clear X and Mono-Clear HT are corrugated sheet materials with shapes to match metal building profiles. Mono-Clear X is based on polyester technology and provides substantially higher performance than PVC based materials. Mono-Clear HT is a patented product based on a co-extrusion of PET and PC, this product offers excellent performance versus the Rooflite® materials at a cost effective price.