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The only manufacturer in the world to produce widths up to 79.6 inches! Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) introduced a new OMEGA Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

25th anniversaryWe have the Width
Widths available in 79.6 inches (2022mm), 73.6 inches (1870 mm) and 49.8 inches (1266mm).

We have the Thickness
Available from .031 inches (0.8mm) to .043 inches (.043mm)

We have the Colors
Clear (89% LT), and (Opal 85% LT, 80% LT or 2" LT))

We have the Preferred Options
UV Protection one or both sides, Anti-Condensation control (mildew) on interior side, with a 10 year warranty!

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4wall 8mm sheetResolite (formerly
CO-EX) becomes
IAPD Green Scene
Charter Member

Resolute (CO-EX) has become a charter member of the IAPD Green Scene, a new program designed to call attention to efforts to operate the business in an environmentally friendly manner. The IAPD Green Scene promotes companies’ dedication to sustainability and the environment.

4wall 8mm sheet

Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation) Introduces 4-wall 8mm and 10mm sheets

New Macrolux 8mm 4-wall products will protect your greenhouse investment and save up to 12% on your yearly energy bill. With its multi-layered construction, it is able to achieve impressive thermal performance. The manufacturing of 8mm thick polycarbonate multiwall with 4-walls is a unique specialty that requires precision equipment and capable craftsmen. Resolite (CO-EX) gained the experience in developing this product when they worked with high efficiency greenhouse applications in the Netherlands.

Perhaps most importantly, US growers will now be able to take advantage of the drammatically higher insulation of a 4-wall and still utilize a structure built for the standard 8mm 2-wall sheet. Your cost increase for the improved sheet and its installation will be minimal when compared with the energy savings achieved in the vastly improved thermal sheet.

As an added bonus, the improved energy efficiency will allow for a more productive greenhouse. The grower may gain an extra week of growing time in their overall season, depending on the crop.

The higher energy efficiency of the 8mm 4-wall will enable our clients in colder climates, to save in their energy costs.  Resolite (CO-EX) has the right answer for any climate !

To download a .pdf of the 4-wall 8mm flyer, click here

To download a .pdf of the 4-wall 10mm flyer, click here

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NewGen picture

Resolite (formerly CO-EX)
introduces Rooflite NewGen

Less Yellowing and Better Performance

Rooflite® NEWGEN features an advanced surface layer which is co-extruded during the manufacturing process. It significantly reduces sheet degradation over time compared to standard polycarbonate products. This translates directly into less yellowing, improved light transmission and better mechanical properties over time. This new layer has added durability to an already strong product.

According to a spokesperson for Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation), “the improved light transmission in Rooflite® NEWGEN contributes to enhanced greenhouse productivity and maximizing the value for growers.

As with all Resolite (CO-EX) products, Rooflite® NEWGEN also blocks the penetration of harmful UV rays. This translates to optimal growing light for your crops and house plants. This UV protection also creates a protected bright environment for people and animals. It will not fade interiors nor burn precious seedlings.
As a grower, the quality of light is a key factor in choosing a greenhouse covering, and Rooflite® NEWGEN delivers superior solar energy performance. Standard flat glazing reflects solar light and energy, particularly when the sun is at a steep angle in the early morning and late afternoon. Rooflite® NEWGEN's profiles are engineered to capture angled light for increased solar heat gain during colder winter months to save energy costs in greenhouses and other structures.

All the features of Resolite (formerly CO-EX) standard Rooflite® product are also available in their Rooflite® NEWGEN. A factory applied condensation control can be ordered. It reduces surface tension, which allows water to spread into a thin sheet that easily evaporates rather than forming into damaging droplets. It is suitable for use in all climates and is appropriate for use in temperatures from -40°F to 250°F. The widths stocked will be 4 and 6 ft.

Resolite (formerly CO-EX) continues to develop unique products and applications for polycarbonate worldwide.

To download a .pdf of theRooflite NEWGEN flyer, click here

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macro_print photo

Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation)
Introduces Macro-Print,

Wallingford, CT.  Resolite (CO-EX), a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced Polycarbonate sheets and systems, today introduced Macro-Printing - a white polycarbonate sheet, which has been specifically designed for screen printing.
“In response to the latest technologies in printing, our laboratories have developed a sheet which has all the characteristic of our standard Macrolux multi-wall sheet,” said a spokesperson for Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation), “with a plain surface which is excellent for screen printing.”

When you want to get your message out in a large format, Macro-Printing is a perfect visual communications tool. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and is available in large sizes. A standard sheet is 4’ or 6’ wide and 6’ or 12’ in length with custom sizes upon special request.

Macro-Printing can also be used as a colourful wall material for interior and exterior use. Its opaque surface, which is fire resistant, can be back-lit for dramatic results. It is appropriate for advertising, exhibits and displays.
Macro-Printing is lightweight, easy to handle and has great impact resistance. Fabrication is a snap with standard tools, and it won’t shatter or crack when cut or drilled. It is supplied with PE Protection Foil to preserve the surface so it is ready to accept printing.

To download a .pdf of Macro-Print, click here

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ondalite photo

iNTRODUCED by Resolite (formerly CO-EX)

Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation) announces the introduction of a new multi-wall polycarbonate roofing panel product called Ondalite. The panel is produced in both 3 mm twin wall and 6 mm triple wall sheet which incorporate a pre-shaped waved structure. Ondalite has been developed to be used for covering in industrial buildings, in vertical wall panels and in street shelters. Applications for Ondalite include: curved skylights, roof coverings in gutter and ridge areas and any daylighting application requiring a natural lighting element.

Ondalite has an optimal combination of properties such as: high load bearing capacity, excellent thermal insulation, high light transmission and outdoor weatherability characteristics with a 10 year warranty against UV attack. Very easy to install, Ondalite can be overlapped lengthwise to obtain large lighting surfaces.  The channels of the panel are heat sealed at the ends. This process will preserve the aesthetic look of the sheet by keeping outside impurities out. Ondalite is a strong and bright way to bring your ideas to completion.

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vega & polaris


Vega Panels are a high performance glazing material for use with metal industrial roofs and with metal roofing sandwich panels. Vega is a multi-wall polycarbonate cellular panel system that lets in the natural illumination with its great light transmission (52% in clear and 35% in Opal).  Combine that natural light with a high insulation value of R- 3.57 (U value .28), for an ideal product to use in daylighting applications for industrial roofing. Lightweight (.741 lbs/sq ft) yet strong and tough Vega provides 100 times the impact strength of glass. The product is 30 mm thick and has an “extruded in” flange that will match up to most metal roof profiles for ease of installation.

Polaris is a similar panel to the Vega with the exception of a partial “extruded in” flange that can be matched up with a wider array of metal roofing profiles.


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rooflite HD

Introducing Rooflite HD

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) has available a high diffusion corrugated polycarbonate sheet (Rooflite HD) for use in greenhouse applications.   The diffused light allowed by the sheets provides a higher level of PAR light to reach the plants resulting in greater yields and healthy plants.  Rooflite HD is stocked in Greca and Arc Wave profiles but can be made in Sine Wave upon request.

Please contact Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation) at 1-800-888-5364 for further information.

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Resolite® (formerly CO-EX)
Offers a Solid Choice in Polycarbonate Sheet

Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation of Wallingford, CT), announces the introduction of Macrolux® C – solid polycarbonate general purpose sheet. Macrolux® C is ideal for use in a variety of applications including: machine guards, glazing applications, thermoformed parts and any application needing high light transmission and clarity combined with superior impact strength.

A full range of sheets will be offered in thicknesses from 0.093” to .500” thick and sheet sizes of 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’ and 6’ x 8’. Macrolux® C will initially be offered in general purpose grade clear but can be special ordered to meet your exacting specifications. Macrolux® C, like all CO--EX’s fine line of products, is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. For protection during shipping it will be supplied with white stick masking on both sides. 

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) manufactures a full line of polycarbonate sheet including Macrolux® multi-wall sheet, Rooflite® corrugated sheet, BDL® standing seam modular panels and Modulit vertical glazing systems. Always on the cutting edge, they recently added Click 16 for the DIY markets and Polisnake with a unique wave configuration. Resolite (CO-EX) products work well in any application where light transmission, impact strength and durability are important: partitions, canopies, shelters, industrial glazing, greenhouses, swimming pool enclosures, skylights and more!

For more information, please contact Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation) customer service for price and availability,

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Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation) is Making Waves with Polisnake

POLISNAKE is a new and exclusive style of multi-walled sheet from Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation). Utilizing years of expertise in the polycarbonate extrusion industry, POLITEC engineers developed the technique necessary to configure the undulating channels which form the polisnake panel. POLISNAKE sheets feature all the terrific properties you expect from a premier, state-of-the-art provider of polycarbonate panels - high load resistance – minimal  weight — excellent light transmission and more. Aesthetically speaking, these panels offer the architect a noteworthy approach to design solutions, with a distinctive wave-look available only with Polisnake.

Compared with sheets of the same weight and thickness, the POLISNAKE structured sheet allows for an increase in loading of up to 60%. Due to unique reflection and refraction characteristics of the Polisnake sheeting, light transmission does not decrease, but actually intensifies. When it comes to energy savings, Polisnake excels. Each distinctive channel traps air, creating an excellent thermal barrier from the exterior side of the sheet to the interior side.

To download a .pdf of the Polisnake flyer, click here

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