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Sheet Products which Offer Exceptional Product Performance

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) offers a variety of products for use in architectural sheet applications such as: facades, skylights, canopies, walkways, barrel vaults, roofs and many other applications. Our architectural sheet products have high light transmission, high insulation properties, good impact properties and are light weight for ease of installation and framing.

We have many products that can offer up to a R-7 insulation value (without use of nanogel), products that can take high loads and still have good insulation values such as our 10 wall E.S. products. We offer a range of Solar Control materials that let the light in while maintaining a good comfort value under the panel by reflecting the heat back out into the atmosphere. We have bi-color products that offer a pleasing aesthetic appeal while still maintaining the attributes needed for energy savings.

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) is the leader in innovation of specialty architectural applications with multi-wall polycarbonate sheet products, let us know of your requirement and we will find a material to fit your needs.

Architectural Sheet product offerings are:

Multi-wall is designed to offer maximum light transmission while providing thermal insulation and outstanding impact properties. We offer standard profiles in twin wall, triple wall and five wall structures. m wall pic M Wall is a multi-wall product that has a cross-wall in the fluted chamber to increase the structural rigidity of the product.
Superlife materials are bi-color multi-wall sheets with high aesthetic value and are used frequently in residential applications for verandas, roofing and conservatories.    


Rocklite is a very highly insulated multi-wall sheet material that has 10 walls. The superior insulation properties are due to the multiple chambers, range of thicknesses from 32 mm to 60 mm. Macrolux® 10X ES is a 10 wall product with very high insulation values up to a K-Value of 1.1 (U-factor .194, R-value of 5.15). Standard thicknesses of 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm are offered.


athermic pic

Athermic polycarbonate panels are extruded using metallic particles throughout the entirety of the sheet.  This process allows the infrared component of solar energy to be absorbed then released outside as heat.  As a result, direct energy penetrating through the sheet is reduced.  Athermic polycarbonate panels are available in two colors: gray and deep gray. 


bi-color athermic

Athermic bi-color polycarbonate sheets combine a layer of metallic particles with a layer of opal.  This combination allows the infrared component of solar energy to be absorbed then released outside as heat.  As a result, direct energy penetrating through the sheet is reduced.  Athermic bi-color also offers a higher light transmission than traditional Athermic polycarbonate sheets. 

Available colors include blue, green, gray and copper.  Bottom layer is available in a light opal or deep opal. 

Heat Shield art

Heat Shield is an extruded polycarbonate product that combines UV blocking additives with heat reflective metallic particles in the upper layer of the sheet.  This combination allows the sheet to reflect infrared rays from the sun; thus reducing the amount of direct solar energy allowed to pass through.  The bottom layer is a light opal color which allows for high light transmission and a more aesthetically pleasing look from beneath the sheet. 

marcolux IR pic

IR polycarbonate sheets absorb the infrared rays that cause heat build up in the environment, while also protecting from the harmful action of UV rays.  These sheets are able to absorb the solar energy and release it outside as heat.  Available in an array of colors, Macrolux IR offers a high light transmission by allowing in the natural light. 

Available colors include in mass light violet, light green, blue, green and red; or as a bi-color option with clear.  

Also available is the IR Reflect Gold.  This product has the qualities of traditional IR products, but also has reflective properties.