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The Strength to go where no panel has gone before!

Macrolux® Multi-wall Polycarbonate in Three-Wall, Five-Wall, 4/M-Wall & 5/M-Wall Shapes Provide a Strong, Flexible &Energy Efficient Glazing for your Projects!

Insulating and Light Diffusing Roofing Macrolux® "Wall" Series sheets are superior to standard polycarbonate products due to their strong, multilayer construction. These layers provide strength with minimal decrease in light transmission. Able to withstand extreme abuse, the impact strength of Macrolux® is greater than fiberglass, glass & acrylic. Our exclusive Three-Wall, Five-Wall, 4/ M-Wall and 5/M-Wall shapes offer a strength in loading not previously available in other polycarbonate products while maintaining their lightweight characteristics.

Consider the Possibilities - "WALL" Series Coextruded Thermoglazing is perfect for applications requiring a lightweight product with high light transmission, excellent thermal insulation qualities, high strength and impact resistance. Walkways, skylights, shopping centers, industrial buildings, sheds, shelters, swimming pool coverings and other space enclosures are but a few of the uses. Consider using Macrolux® Polycarbonate Products in your next project.

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