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Macrolux® Polycarbonate Panels have been fully tested to meet stringent requirements. Please discuss with an architect, engineer, or Resolite representative to find a panel suitable for your application.

A factory applied condensation control is available on Macrolux® panels. Reducing surface tension, the condensation control allows water to spread into a thin sheet rather than form into droplets. It is available for all applications from greenhouses to backyard patio covers.

Macrolux® panels resist cracking and splitting during cutting and drilling.

Macrolux® panels are available in clear, bronze, opal, and custom colors by special order.

Standard widths of 4 feet and 6 feet are available with lengths up to 39'.

Macrolux® multi-wall sheets provide a wide variety of thicknesses and colors providing up to 82% visible light transmission.

Macrolux® multi-wall sheets are essentially opaque at all wavelengths below 385 nanometers limiting the damaging effects of UV light. They have a clear co-extruded outer surface which provides high stability against the effects of UV radiation and gives excellent durability to outdoor weathering. This unique protection insures long term optimal quality under intensive UV exposure.

Weighing just one-eighth the weight of glass, polycarbonate panels do not need the extensive structural support that a heavier glass wall or glazing material requires.

Macrolux® multi-wall sheets can be cold formed and used in many curved applications, for example, arched walkways.
Sheets must always be bent longitudinally, never across the width of the sheet.

In applications of this nature it is important to avoid over tensioning of the sheet. Therefore, when Macrolux® multi-wall is cold formed, the minimum radius should not be less than 150 times the thickness of the sheet.

You can be assured that from transport to installation, Macrolux® will maintain its durability. Even when exposed to elevated outdoor temperatures over a long period of time, it will maintain its structural integrity. It resists cracking and splintering during fabrication, assuring you a high degree of safety and it can be cold formed on site.

The multi-wall construction of the Macrolux® sheet offers high thermal resistance, giving excellent thermal insulating values while blocking UV transmission.

Macrolux® is backed by a 10 year limited warranty on light transmission and breakage caused by hail.

Macrolux® co-extruded thermoglazing in​corporates new technology which results in exceptional resistance to aging. Macrolux® multi-wall is a high performance polycarbonate sheet. During manufacturing, a layer of UV absorber is co-extruded onto the surface of the sheet, forming a barrier against UV radiation. This gives Macrolux® multi-wall exceptional resistance to ageing without affecting the mech-anical properties and impact strength.

Macrolux® polycarbonate sheets are classified in accordance with ASTM standards. Compared with other plastic products used in the building industry, Macrolux® multi-wall sheets have an exceptional fire performance and most importantly, do not give off toxic gasses.

Among the thermoplastic products used in the building industry, Macrolux® co-extruded thermoglazing has a high impact
resistance - 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic.

A Macrolux® 8mm panel is so strong it can withstand the impact of a 16 lb. weight, falling 25 feet onto the panel, with no breakage. It will maintain its impact strength over a wide temperature range from - 40°F to 250°F.

Macrolux® is supplied with a protective PE film which should be kept on until sheet is installed. The UV protected side is to be faced towards the sun and is marked with a white printed film, light blue film or a sticker saying Macrolux® multi-wall polycarbonate sheet. Macrolux® crates or sheets should be stored in an area not exposed to the sun, or indirect heat from the sun, which could make the removal of protective film difficult.

Stiff fixing by means of adhesive or putty is to be avoided. Top and bottom ends of a sheet must always be sealed by means of aluminum tape to prevent dust or dirt penetrating inside the flutes. Aluminum tape must be protected with proper polycarbonate "U" profiles.



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