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rooflite HD

Rooflite® HD
High Light, High Diffusion Polycarbonate Sheet

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX) Rooflite® HD corrugated polycarbonate sheet brings together high light transmission and high diffusion into one product. Manufactured using state-of-the-art U.V. blocking co-extrusion and pigment technology, Rooflite® HD provides many benefits over standard products. The combination of high light transmission and high light diffusion makes this product an excellent choice when used with people, plants or animals.

Resolite (formerly CO-EX) Rooflite® HD corrugated sheet is perfect for use in greenhouses, car ports, patio covers, barns, kennels and skylights for today’s “green-friendly” requirements. The “soft” diffused light and U.V. protection provides a safe and comfortable environment for people and animals.

In a greenhouse, diffused light will penetrate the plant’s branches and leaves providing a higher level of required (PAR) light to the plant. High diffusion along with high light transmission will result in greater yields and healthy plants.

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