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Corrugated Polycarbonate
Skylight and Sidelight Panels

Rooflite MB® corrugated polycarbonate sheet provides design professionals with an easily fabricated and installed building product. Unique physical, mechanical, thermal and optical properties combine to make Rooflite MB® flexible and strong, yet light in weight.

Available in 9" and 12" Panels in clear and opal.

MB Panel

Rooflite MB® corrugated polycarbonate sheet is perfect for applications requiring high light transmission in a lightweight yet strong product. The special corrugated profiles (when compared with flat glazing materials), provide greatly improved strength and rigidity while maintaining flexibility. Rooflite MB® sheet features high impact resistance, is self-extinguishing and U.V. protected. It is well suited for a wide temperature range and provides great economy, vandal resistance and design flexibility not found in other thermoplastic products. Consider using Rooflite MB® corrugated sheet in your project.

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