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Translucent Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Panel Systems

The BDL® polycarbonate panel offers many advantages when compared with other glazing alternatives.

HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE – 200 times greater than glass
LIGHTWEIGHT – Less than 1 lb. per sq. ft.
TRANSLUCENT – Controlled natural daylight
DOUBLE SIDED U.V. PROTECTION – Either side may be exposed to the weather
FLAME SPREAD / SMOKE DEVELOPMENT – Excellent behavioral properties
EASY TO INSTALL – Complete system and accessories
SAVES ENERGY – Excellent thermal properties
HIGHLY FLEXIBLE – Cold forms to a 11' radius, heat formed even tighter

• Wide Range of Colors
• No Adhesives Required
• Clean Aesthetics Created by Snap Covers
• Thermal Movement is Captured Internally within the System
• Unique Panel Construction
• Superior Light Diffusing Properties
• High U.V. Resistance on Both Sides

The BDL® panel system is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of daylighting applications. This system has standing seam modular panels used to create vertical and sloped glazing. It is suited for a wider range of daylighting applications such as: skylights, walkways, canopies, wall and interior systems. Thanks to the wide variety of accessories, the system is complete, versatile, lightweight, and easy to install.

BDL® 16 Meets or Exceeds the Following Tests

Tests and certifications available and subject to limitation on weight, colors, etc. Please contact Resolite® for further information. Testing Information and Technical Data

• ASTM D2843 Smoke Density
• ASTM D1929 Self Ignition
• ASTM D635 Burning Extent
• ASTM E84 Interior Flame Spread


• BDL® 16 Thickness: 16 mm (0.62")
• Width: nominal 500mm (23 5/8”)
• Length: up to 39', custom lengths by request
• Colors: Clear, Bronze, Opal, Green, Opalescent, Ice Mist, Blue
• Panel Wt: 16mm – 0.55 lbs./ft2
• U.V. Protection: Both Sides by Co-Extrusion
• CC-1 Classified Material: Per ASTM D635 available
• Flammability/Smoke Development: Per ASTM E-84 (Interior Flame Spread) Class 1/Class A is available

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