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Plastic Sheet Products

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) offers a wide array of plastics sheet options; Macrolux® C solid polycarbonate sheet, Polisnake  - with a unique inner fluted design for graphic and aesthetic appeal, corrugated sheets for roofing applications and multi-wall sheets used for may application from greenhouse to architectural to wall panels and office partitions. If it is a polycarbonate sheet product, Resolite (CO-EX Corporation) usually has the answer.

Macrolux® C is a solid polycarbonate sheet material with high light transmission and high impact strength. LT is approximately 90% and the impact strength is over 100 times greater than glass and 30 times greater than acrylic. Macrolux® C is used in a wide array of applications from machine guards, to protective break resistant glazing to signage applications.
Polisnake is a unique product produced only by Resolite (formerly CO-EX Corporation), the internal undulating flutes in this multi-wall product creates a special aesthetic look for use in graphic application, wall partitions and other visual panel applications. Our Multi-wall product line is extensive with products ranging from 4 mm thick up to 60 mm thick. All these products are offered with multiple wall designs and additives to enhance or create a special end use performance characteristic. These products are typically used for applications as wide ranging as; greenhouse walls, skylights, roofing panels, barrel vaults, canopies, walkways, building facades, doors and door panels, windows, pool enclosures and any other building envelope application.  With high light transmission, high impact resistance and high insulation values these products are engineered to work in many rigorous applications
Rooflite® Corrugated and Rooflite® MB are extruded polycarbonate solid sheets with shapes that match standard metal building profiles. These products are designed to let in the light, have high impact resistance and high temperature resistance to work in direct sunlight with loss of physical or mechanical properties.  A number of standard profiles are offered but virtually any profile can be matched if you meet our volume minimums. Mono-Clear X and Mono-Clear HT are corrugated sheet materials with shapes to match metal building profiles. Mono-Clear X is based on polyester technology and provides substantially higher performance than PVC based materials. Mono-Clear HT is a patented product based on a co-extrusion of PET and PC, this product offers excellent performance versus the Rooflite® materials at a cost effective price. click 16 artwork Click 16, with it's simple installation procedures, is the perfect product for the do-it-your-selfer. It can can easily be installed by anyone with the use of simple tools. Glazing applications include roofing in patios, carports, canopies, sheds and anywhere around the house.