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Meet the Resolite® Sales Team

Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) has proudly served the North American market for over 25 years. A leader in innovation and technology of multiwall polycarbonate products for Architectural, Commercial and Greenhouse markets, Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) stands on three principles to fully service the North American market;

1) Customer Service… this is #1…always,
2) Innovation and
3) Technology. 

You can count on our sales team to deliver on these three principles. For your next Architectural, Commercial or Greenhouse project… think Resolite…. where the customer is #1.

Tami Churchill Myers

Tami Churchill Myers is a recognized leader in the polycarbonate industry with over 29 years of experience in polycarbonites. She has been an active member of NAHSA (having served on the Board of Directors twice), NGMA, IAPD and the NFBA (national and international trade organizations) and has published a number of articles about plastics/ polycarbonate in several well-known trade publications.

Cell:  901-414-8458

Jim Larkin
Architectural / Distribution


Cell:  (901) 651-8122



Donna Cei
Customer Service Representative
We are pleased to announce Donna Cei as a new Customer Service Representative for the Eastern Region. Donna is continuously focused on customer excellence and will quickly responding to customer requests.

Tel: 203-679-0500 ext. 305
Fax: 203-679-0600

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Eric Meyer
Customer Service Representative
We are pleased to announce Eric Meyer as the new Customer Service Representative for the Greenhouse Market. Eric has been with CO-EX for 10+ years and is customer focused and has extensive warehouse experience prior to moving into his new position in the Customer Service department.
Territory: All Green House and Horticulture Customers

Tel: 203-679-0500 ext. 301
Fax: 203-679-0600