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Heat Shield

Macrolux Family of Heat Reducing Polycarbonate Panels

Heat Shield is an extruded polycarbonate product that combines UV blocking additives with heat reflective metallic particles in the upper layer of the sheet. This combination allows the sheet to reflect infrared rays from the sun; thus reducing the amount of direct solar energy allowed to pass through. The bottom layer is a light opal color which allows for high light transmission and a more aesthetically pleasing look from beneath the sheet.

  • Reduce the “greenhouse effect”
  • Reduce  35%  of  transmitted energy
  • Perfect for conservatories, skylights, pool enclosures
  • Saves energy (heating and cooling costs)

heat shield art

The chart below shows a relative comparison between standard materials in Clear, Opal and Bronze as compared to a Heat Shield product. The lower the G – value or Shading coefficient the more comfortable the environment.

Clear 72% 72% 0.83
Opal 40% 52% 0.60
Bronze 40% 55% 0.63
Heat Shield 60% 49% 0.56

*G-Value is the percentage of solar energy that passes through the sheet

**Shading co-efficient is the ratio between the total energy that passes through a polycarbonate sheet versus a 3mm thick tempered glass sheet.