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Macrolux® Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheets

Macrolux® Co-extruded Thermoglazing is perfect for applications requiring material which offers high light transmission, thermal insulation, light in weight yet strong, high shock resistance, flame retardance, great economy, vandal resistance and design flexibility. Consider using Macrolux® Panels in your project.

HOME IMPROVEMENT: for easy do-it-yourself projects like window replacements, shower enclosures, hobby green-houses, partitions, light covers, patio covers, carports and more.

HORTICULTURAL:for greenhouse coverings where good thermal insulation is necessary together with high light transmission.

ARCHITECTURAL GLAZING: with the ability to be cold-formed into arches, Macrolux® offers architects design freedom that is not possible with other glazings. Consider the possibilities of using Macrolux® for walkways, indoor shopping centers, swimming pool coverings, skylights, and other space enclosures.

INDUSTRIAL BUILDING:for various glazing applications, skylights, walkways, windows, shelters, and insulated roofing.

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