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Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation) is making Waves!

POLISNAKE is a new and exclusive style of multi-walled sheet from Resolite® (formerly CO-EX Corporation). Utilizing years of expertise in the polycarbonate extrusion industry, POLITEC engineers developed the technique necessary to configure the undulating channels which form the polisnake panel. POLISNAKE sheets feature all the terrific properties you expect from a premier, state-of-the-art provider of polycarbonate panels - high load resistance – minimal  weight — excellent light transmission and more. Aesthetically speaking, these panels offer the architect a noteworthy approach to design solutions, with a distinctive wave-look available only with Polisnake.

Compared with sheets of the same weight and thickness, the POLISNAKE structured sheet allows for an increase in loading of up to 60%. Due to unique reflection and refraction characteristics of the Polisnake sheeting, light transmission does not decrease, but actually intensifies. When it comes to energy savings, Polisnake excels. Each distinctive channel traps air, creating an excellent thermal barrier from the exterior side of the sheet to the interior side.