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SECTION (07820) (08625) (08900) (10530)


The General Conditions of the Contract, including Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 – General Requirements, apply to the work of this section.

Design, manufacture and installation of translucent insulated glazing system. An assembly of extruded polycarbonate glazing panels incorporated into a complete aluminum framed system that has been tested and warranted by the manufacture as a single source system

All anchors, brackets, and hardware attachments necessary to complete the specified structural assembly, weatherability and water-tightness performance requirements. All flashings up to but not penetrating adjoining work are also required as part of the system and shall be included.

Trained and factory authorized labor with supervision to complete the entire panel installation.
Section__________________ - Structural Steel/Wood Framing/Concrete
Section__________________ - Curbs and supporting members.
Section__________________ - Roofing.
Section__________________ - Sheet metal and flashing.
Section__________________ - Sealant.

Skylight system must be evaluated and listed by recognized building code authorities: International Council Evaluation Service Inc. (ICC-ES) and SBCCI – Public Safety Testing and Evaluation Services Inc.

Materials and Products shall be manufactured by a company continuously and regularly employed in the manufacture of skylights using polycarbonate (not glass) panel systems for a period of at least ten (10) years. Manufacturers shall provide a list of at least five (5) projects having been in place a minimum of ten (10) years, with similar size and scope, climate and type.

Erection shall be by a factory-approved installer, which has been in the business of erecting similar material for at least five (5) consecutive years and can show evidence of satisfactory completion of projects of similar size, scope and type.

The manufacture shall be responsible for the configuration and fabrication of the complete panel system, and will ensure that it fully meets all requirements of this specification.

APPROVED MANUFACTURERS: All manufacturers acceptable for use on this project under this section must be approved prior to bid. Manufacturers must submit evidence of compliance with all performance criteria specified herein. This evidence must include proof of conformance and test reports as specified below. Any exceptions taken from this specification must be noted on the approval request. If no exceptions are noted and approval is given, product performance will be as specified.

Submit shop drawings and color samples in accordance with Section 01___________.
The manufacturer shall submit written guarantee accompanied by substantiating data, stating that the products to be furnished are in accordance with or exceed these specifications.

The manufacturer shall submit certified test reports made by an independent organization for each type and class of panel system. Reports shall verify that the material will meet all performance requirements of this specification. Previously completed test reports will be acceptable if they are current and indicative of products used on this project. Test reports required are:

Self Ignition Temperature (ASTM D 1929)
Smoke Density (ASTM D-2843)
Burning Extent (ASTM D 635)
Interior Flame Spread (ASTM E-84)
Color Difference (ASTM D 2244)
Accelerated Outdoor Weathering (ASTM D 4364)
Yellowness Index (ASTM D 1925)
Haze and Luminous Transmittance (ASTM D 1003)
Computing Color of Objects (ASTM E 308)
Air Infiltration (ASTM E 283)
Water Penetration (ASTM E 331)
Load Bearing Capability (ASTM E 330)
OSHA Life Safety Fall and Walk Through Protection for 300 Lb. point load per STD 29 CFR 1910.23 (e) (8)
OSHA Life Safety STD 29 CFR – Impact loading by blunt object of 500 Ft/lbs per ASTM E 695-03

MAINTENANCE DATA: The manufacturer shall provide recommended maintenance procedures, schedule of maintenance and required or recommended for maintenance.

Provide a single source skylight/ wall system/ walkway/ Canopy system manufacturer warranty for glazing panels and framing system-third party warranty for glazing panels shall not be acceptable.
Provide manufacturer 10 year warranty to include

Change in light transmission of no more than 6% per ASTM D 1003.

No delaminating shall occur to a panel that is subject to a load of 10 lbs per square foot in a manner that would tend to cause delaminating of the face.

Thermal aging – the light transmission and the color shall not change after exposure to heat of 300 degrees F. for 25 minutes. (When measured per ASTM D 1003 and ASTM D 2244 respectively).


The design and performance criteria of this project are based on products manufactured by Resolite®

Substitute products must be proven equal and approved by addenda prior to the published bid date.


APPEARANCE – Panel assembly thickness shall be a minimum [.63” (16 mm single panel with exposed interlocking “U” battens 30mm thick in polycarbonate, aluminum, or steel.

Panel Width – Shall not exceed 2’ (600 mm) to ensure best performance for wind uplift, vibration, oil canning and visual appearance. Panels over 2’ wide will not be approved.

Thermal and Solar Performance
1. Thermal Transmission value per ASTM C 518 shall Be__________.
2. Light Transmission (L.T.%)_________ Per ASTM D1003.
3. Solar Transmission (S.T.) _________________
4. Color: ______________________

Translucent Panel Joint System
Panel shall be extruded in one single formable length. Maximum panel width shall not exceed 2’. Transverse connections are not acceptable.

The panels shall be manufactured with a grip lock single tooth upstands that are integral to the unit. The upstands shall be 90 degrees to the panel face. Welding or gluing of upstands or standing seam is not acceptable.

The “U” battens shall have a grip lock single tooth locking mechanism to ensure maximum uplift capability.

The metal retention clip (hook) must be tested to meet a wind uplift standard of 90 PSF per ASTM E 330-97.

Air Infiltration: Must meet standard of ASTM D 283 at test pressure of 12 PSF – 0.06 SCFM per linear Ft. of panel “U” joint connection.

Water Penetration: No water penetration of the panel “U: connection length at a test pressure of 12.0 PSF per ASTM E 331.

Free movement of the panels shall be allowed to occur without damage to the weather tightness of the completed system.

Fire certifications available and subject to limitation on weight, colors, etc. Please contact Resolite® for further information.

The panel shall not change color more than 5.0 units (DELTA-E BY ASTM D 2244) after 60 months outdoor weathering in Arizona determined by an average of at least two samples.

Thermal aging – the interior and exterior faces shall not change color in excess of 0.75 Delta E by ASTM D 2244 and shall not darken more than 0.3 units (Delta L by ASTM D 2244) and 0.2 units Delta Y by ASTM D 1925 and shall not show cracking or crazing when exposed to 300 degrees F for 25 minutes.

Panels shall consist of a polycarbonate resin with a permanent, co-extruded, ultra-violet protective layer. Post- applied coatings of films of dissimilar materials are unacceptable. Fiberglass faces (FRP) are unacceptable.

Panels shall have a factory applied ventilated tape at the sill to restrict dirt ingress.

To meet ANSI/ASCE 7-95 building design load, design criteria shall be:
Wind Load _____________PSF
Snow Load _____________PSF

The Skylight framing is designed to be self-supporting between the support constructions. The deflection of the structural framing members in a direction normal to the plane of the glazing, when subjected to a uniform load deflection shall not exceed L/60 for the unsupported span. The skylights will impose reactions to the support construction. All adjacent and support construction must support the transfer of all loads including horizontal and vertical, exerted by the skylights. Design or structural engineering services for the supporting structure or building components not included in the scope are not included under this section.

Extruded Aluminum shall be ANSI/ASTM B 221; 6063-T6; 6063-T5 or 6005-T5.
5005 H34 aluminum 0.04” minimum thickness.
Sheet metal flashings/closures/claddings are to be furnished shop formed to profile when lengths exceed 10 ft. in nominal 10 ft. lengths. Field trimming of the flashing and field forming the ends is necessary to suit as-built conditions. Sheet metal ends are to overlap at least 6” to 8”, set in a bed of sealant and riveted as required.
All fasteners for aluminum framing to be stainless steel or cadmium plated steel, excluding the final fasteners to the building.
All exposed aluminum shall be (Clear Anodized) (Color Anodized) of Standard Kynar 2 or 3 coat finish, or (other).



General Contractor to verify when structural support is ready to receive all work in this section and to convene a Pre-Installation Conference at least one week prior to commencing work of this section. Attendance required of General Contractor, Skylight installer and all parties directly affecting and affected by the work of this section.

All submitted opening sizes, dimensions and tolerances are to be field verified by general contractor unless otherwise stipulated.

Installer to examine area of installation to verify readiness of site conditions. Notify general contractor about any defects requiring correction. Do not work until all conditions are satisfactory.


Install components in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and approved shop drawings. Use proper fasteners and hardware for material attachments as specified.
Use methods of attachment to structure allowing sufficient adjustment to accommodate tolerances.
Remove all protective coverings on panels immediately after installation.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing down exposed panel surfaces using a solution of mild detergent in warm water that is applied with soft, clean wiping cloths.
Follow strict panel manufacturer’s guidelines when removing foreign substances from panel surfaces requiring mineral spirits or any solvents that are acceptable for use.
Installers shall leave panel system clean at completion of installation. Final cleaning is by others upon completion of project, following manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.